Our Mission

Create captivating videos that spread passion, ignite action and empower audiences.



Our Vision

Change the world through dynamic visual storytelling.

Our Practice

We love working with clients at all stages and are committed to not only producing a quality product they can be proud of but also an experience they can feel excited about. Many whom we work with are coming into the world of video for the first time, which we know can be quite intimidating. We take extra care to ensure our clients are prepared and comfortable before the camera even turns on. With years of experience coaching people in front of the camera as well as storytelling through video, the team at Mercury Atlas is well-equipped to create a stellar product whether you are brand new to video or call the screen your second home. 

Our Team


Craig Nigh


                                                                                             Kenny Braun Photography

                                                                                           Kenny Braun Photography

Craig Nigh has spent the last 20 years both in front of and behind the camera, working with all levels of experience. His roles as actor, director, producer, coach, and entrepreneur have built an outstanding technique for helping others be comfortable on camera while creating visually inspiring stories. Constantly learning with every experience, Craig’s love of the visual arts and strong work ethic combine to bring out the best of himself and his clients. 

Jace Downey


Jace Downey has the soul of a true adventurer. With the camera as her passport, she has explored human story through documentary film and TV for over ten years. Jace loves to learn about all of the special details that make up a person or a place. She began her journey in New Mexico and continued her work in Colorado and California before calling Texas home. She believes there is a great story behind every person and can’t wait to hear yours!