Is Mercury Atlas Right for Me?

We know it can be a bit overwhelming to choose between so many awesome video companies here in Texas. Talent is in no short supply, and at first glance it kind of looks like we all do pretty much the same thing. In all honesty, you will get a video regardless of who you go with, and chances are it'll be a good one. At Mercury Atlas we pride ourselves on doing more than making a quality video. We take each project to heart, treat clients like partners and create experiences you won't soon forget.

Here is what some of our recent clients have to say about working with the team at Mercury Atlas!


Maggie covert - partner
Be the machine marketing

I don't have a ton of vision when it comes to the video portion of my projects. I need a company who will really take creative lead based on my limited direction. I've never had to worry about a project falling flat or being off from what I needed with this team. They ask the right questions and even the first cut needs very limited editing to be exactly what I didn't know I was looking for!

Our videos are typically recap reports for our clients so they can see what's happening at events they may not be able to travel to. Our clients have loved them! And we've been able to showcase these to potential clients as a "look what we can do" tool.

The ease of interaction between the team was for sure the highlight. It's always awesome when you like who you're working with. These guys are so easy and fun to work with! Of course you'll love the final project but you'll enjoy the process as well.

Mercury Atlas will continue to be our go to video folks!

Shannon Moody - Executive director
Jeremiah Program Austin

You absolutely should work with Mercury Atlas Productions! They were so warm and easy to work with, while at the same time highly professional, and the finished product made our whole team SO proud! Not knowing how the finished product will be edited is always scary, but the team at Mercury Atlas Productions did a wonderful job picking the right moments to highlight, and they really showcased what was important.

We used our videos at our first fundraising luncheon, and surpassed our goal! We also have used (and continue to use, on a weekly basis) the different videos in trainings for volunteers, in meetings with potential donors, and on our website - and the feedback we have received is incredible.

Having the opportunity to share our story has been my favorite part! And I loved that Mercury Atlas Productions took the time to meet with so many different constituents in order to fully capture the whole story. They made it so easy! I could tell they had the professional know-how and great equipment to make a super professional video, but even better was their personal touch. They truly cared about the subject matter, and also really set me (not a natural public speaker and a bit shy) at ease and let me do as many "do overs" as needed! They were wonderful.

jp Shannon.jpg

pug parenting.png

Stacia mcglathery - pug parenting

Mercury Atlas was a very professional and experienced production company but they were also extremely fun to work with. They can handle the writing, shooting, editing, marketing -- and they obviously enjoy what they do.

I was concerned we would have to give up having a say in the final product -- essentially that the production company would take over and we would be less involved. This did not happen -- Mercury Atlas involved us in all decisions, made great suggestions but always included us in their ideas. Definitely a collaborative production.

The best part were the laughs on the set. We had children and pets on the same set -- and they were able to roll with all of it! There were lots of creative ideas exchanged throughout the project - which allowed me to take an idea and convert it to a real show. We've gotten great internet exposure, social media presence and raised awareness for pet rescue.

My children were filmed on the show -- Mercury Atlas was patient, professional, fun and understands kids. They brought energy and enthusiasm. They were prompt -- and overall just great communication.

Daniel Loyd - Executive Producer
Statesman Studios

My favorite part of working with Jace was knowing that I didn’t have to worry about it. And that she’d work with our producers well. My initial concern in hiring a production company was that the quality needed would not be there. The quality was there, and I was pleased with the quality of work, the communication between us and the expectations given and met. Top notch quality work. On time and on message. Thanks and well wishes from all featured.Looking forward to the next time.


Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 2.16.14 PM.png

Deirdre Anderson - Director of Development
Jeremiah Program Austin

I really enjoyed working with Jace and her team because they were very committed to the end product and really cared that we were happy with the end result as well. They were very professional and easy to work with. My biggest fear was that our story would not be told in the way we envisioned it - that film could not possibly convey the compelling aspect of our mission to make people want to be a part of what we're doing. It was the complete opposite with Mercury Atlas. They have an ability to shoot in a way that told our story and let the mission shine through. They were able to interview the participants, staff, volunteers and donors so that they made a strong case for the work we do and why others should join us and volunteer, donate, etc.

They are a team you can trust to tell your story in a way that makes people understand, truly understand what a difference your nonprofit (in our case) is making in the community. We have been able to gain supporters, volunteers, from use of the multiple videos. They thought ahead and wove the footage they took into multiple short videos on different aspects of our program to have available for different purposes. They also created a longer one which combined all of these shorter videos along with several shorter clips to use for social media helping us be prepared for Amplify Austin along with other fundraising events and funder site visits throughout the year. 

We cannot say enough great things about our experience and have gotten some really great feedback thus far from those who have seen the final product.

Megan Flechaus - Lead

Oh, you’re looking to have a video made? I highly recommend Mercury Atlas! We worked with them on a video and they were prompt, professional and fun! Also our video came out great! 

My biggest fear was not knowing what to do with my face or how to act on camera. That fear did not come to be. I found Mercury Atlas gave great direction on what we should be doing with facial expressions and posture. I felt nervous but happy before filming and only HAPPY after. The video got tons of YouTube views (13,815 and counting!) and ton of compliments! My favorite part was how much fun the whole process was, but also, it was really exciting to have such a nice video at the end of it all.

Mercury Atlas is the bomb diggity!

megan flecaus.jpg

Fred VentureFuel.jpg

Fred Schonenberg - Founder

My biggest fear was that the quality would be less than the cost paid. This didn't come true. Jace was amazing and we received excellent client-ready work. The video allowed us to demonstrate the awesome of our tech experience to brands around the world, even if they could not attend the event in Austin. Easy to work with. Worth the investment. Good people. You will be our first call for next year's event for our video needs.

Allie Feinstein - Director of Innovation and Brand Strategy

Jace and her team at Mercury Atlas are great partners. Totally professional, flexible, and very talented! The services are reasonably priced and very high quality. Would recommend for any video project. We received a very positive response. It was a great way to showcase our work at SXSW this year. They were delightful people to work with!

Allie VentureFuel.jpg


One always fears that you'll work with someone who doesn't understand your vision, wasting time and money on something you end up wishing you'd done yourself. Working with Mercury Atlas totally eliminated this fear. Jace instantly understood my vision and her years of experience created a product that was done on time and on budget. My favorite part of the process was how seamless Jace was able to integrate feedback into product. Mercury Atlas is a top rate video production company with people who can instantly take your vision and make it happen.