Powerful storytelling through creative, conscious video production




At Mercury Atlas we focus on two main areas:
1.) Engaging videos to build connection between you and your customers.
2.) Online courses to position you as the expert in your field.
We keep it simple to ensure the highest quality of video and a personalized experience you will love!

With over a decade of experience I have seen it all. I am super passionate about helping people dynamically share their story with personality and authenticity through a medium that has become essential to every business.

The most common question I get is "How much does a video cost?" Understandably so! You have a limited marketing budget and want a video that will be a worthwhile investment. That is why I have structured our pricing to remove the guess work. I provide limited services so that I can invest myself into every project. I’ll be right there with you every step of the way. And it all starts here!



Some of the folks i've loved working with


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